Free Search Giveaway

Fellow people search enthusiasts –

I am extending my offer to assist in finding people in the U.S., free of charge! I am a licensed private investigator with a soft spot for reuniting lost family members, classmates, old friends & army buddies.

Since the end of 2007, I have given away almost 1500 absolutely free people search address lookups. That works out to a couple of searches a day for me.

Here are the general ground rules (subject to change) for you to consider:

I offer this free service to those who wish to locate others for BENEVOLENT reasons ONLY!!! Long lost friends, relatives, army buddies, etc.

This means if you are trying to find someone who owes you money, skipped bail, steal their identity, or otherwise just want to harass, stalk, threaten or injure someone, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!

Here is what you need to send me to qualify for consideration:

1. The person’s first & last name. Include middle name or initial if you have it.

2. Their last known VALID address (no older than 10 years ago)

3. I can also search by a social security number, if you have that.

4. Tell me your name, contact phone #, and why you want to find this person.

5. You must not use a “free” email address with your request. Why? Simple. If you turn out to be a freak and harass or otherwise cause harm to the subject or their family in any way, I don’t want the authorities to be delayed in apprehending you (and hopefully employing excessive force) by waiting for a subpeona to be returned from the wankers at hotmail, etc.

What to expect after you have submitted your request:

1. If your request was selected for processing (and appears legitimate), you will receive an email from me within 1-3 days notifying you of the search results.

2. If more than 3 business days passes without receiving an email from me, then you can safely assume that your request was not selected for processing.

What you will receive if your request was selected:

1. A current address for the person as reported by the latest nationwide public records databases.

What you will NOT receive if your request was selected:

1. Any sensitive “personal identifiers” such as the person’s social security number, date of birth, employment or telephone number information.

Submit your requests too:

mail (at)

Put “Free People Search” in the subject line

Good Luck!