Google Search People

By far today, the most widely used tool to find people on the internet is the Google People Search.  You can quickly find missing people anywhere in the world by using the Google find people page that will make take the first steps to locating someone missing in your life today. Using Google to find people has become rather generic amongst hard core people finders and amateur genealogists.  Prior to the rise of the Google People Search feature, the most widely used and effective option to find missing people was to use an online people search service (like ours).  We have helped thousands of people find people that they believed could not be located.  Remember we are looking for missing people, or ways to find people – and if a free Google search works, then why not use it?

So if you need to find people without paying a fee, then a google free people search should be the first place you try.  You can find people with as little information as a first initial and last name.  In fact, we also gather results from Google and present them to you with the people search.  Yes Google can be used to find people but not if they do not want to be found (Europe’s Right To Be Forgotten”).  Google search is a free way to find a person by name, user ID, nickname, email, phone number, location or other identifiers.

Competition tends to breed better people search search product, and in the area of online people search engines, this concept directly applies.  Realizing that approximately 80% of all searches through their search engine are to locate people though missing; Google quickly moved to fill the massive void in the people search market by rushing to users their free google people tool.  Their new “Google Glass” product has an experimental people search app that looks quite promising.  Within just a few months, google search engineers quickly tweeked their data mining algorithm to dig much deeper into the underlying information sources that power the core Free Google Search tool that gives up the basic street address on a free people search and phone number lookup if available.

Ok you need to find someone and your only hope is using Google.  Many of Google’s people analytics approaches are so unusual and powerful, I can only describe them as breathtaking. Combining the outstanding data-mining features available on Google with cutting edge personal identifier data like someone’s social security number or last known address can yield very effective search results for almost anyone in the U.S.  The claim that “Our reverse address search allows you to find a person’s name and phone number by searching with just an address” is true in many cases.  And if you look closelyenough, there are strong indications that Google has partnered with a select few leaders in the people search market to provide the very best search results for their users.  A prime example that some of you may be aware of FindPeopleonPlus , which you can use to find people by employer, occupation, and location.  And don’t forget to search for people using a full name, nickname, user ID or other personal details to find their photos on Google Images.

If all else fails, you can try zabasearch – this will turn up every single phone number, address and person with a similar name going back decades! These guys provide probably the most comprehensive search of any of the new wave people search engines.   Zaba, Intelius, USSearch all use similar databases for their results.   So if simply entering someone’s name into Google will likely give you too many results, so there are a number of sites dedicated to People Search that you can try.  Most offer a free “teaser” search prefaced with “If you need to find people please use the search form below” or some variation thereof.

It used to be that having the person’s SSN was the best piece of information to start a search with possible.  The new standard for finding people other than the social security number is to use the last address the person lived at.  The subjects old address is almost just as affected as using a social security number to search with, and much easier to find in the first place.  And for finding people using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social engines, honestly, if most the people in this world were really concerned with privacy, they wouldn’t be so active on Social Media.